Urdu Chat Room Talking with friends and feel relax becoming a most popular part of many people. Nowadays people join some chat rooms and share their ideas with other friends and kill the frustration by making new friends. If you are you feeling isolated, remove isolation of this boredom by the best solution of your monotony. Let’s go to a different place in the world. Log in to Free online Urdu chat and have conversation with the strangers, and meet new and garbed Pakistani, Indian friends, give-and-take your views, talk to them spontaneously, share your thoughts, comforts, interests, and get some novel concepts of life, we delivers some free different features for users like various types of rooms and mobile chat.

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Chat4smile: Free,Online URDU Chat Room With Voice Msg Service

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URDU Chat Room

Our Urdu chat rooms are very common in Pakistan as Urdu is Pakistan’s national language and also very famous Language in all over Asia and in other countries. It works perfectly on your cell phone, you can log in with any good mobile phone, there is room for mobile chat users enjoy your chat online without any registration The Urdu chat room is vapid, unrestricted, unsoiled and no any age restriction because our Urdu chat rooms are fully prepared for Pakistani girls and boys. If you are entering here for the first time then read the rules of the site carefully. In case of any complain then you can send a mail to the admin of the site.

You can catch a lot of people in Pakistani chat rooms, and make friends and Pakistani chat rooms are such chat rooms where you can chat in a good way share data and you can come to know the values of different people. Pakistani chat rooms are not only for enjoyment but also for learning something from each other because in Pakistani chat rooms you can meet here along with all Pakistani with several languages in Pakistani chat rooms you can make graceful people friends so Pakistani chat rooms are the greatest chat rooms of the world, at these places you can chat on numerous diverse topics such as you can share facts and news about nation and can deliberate about current matters of Pakistan. On the other hand, you can share Urdu poems with one and each other. You can discuss movies fundamentally.

What you can discuss in this Chat Room

Therefore, chat is a formation of communication for everybody to talk online and chose friends in such chat rooms where you can also share views and ideas with your family members who live far from you in some other country. At such places, there are some directions and if u track the instructions you will not get trouble there. Because there are admin that are overlooking you and if anyone interrupts you so management will prohibit him. Therefore, Urdu chat rooms are the greatest chat rooms for gathering information from each other.Our online available places can help you to find our friendship room deprived of registration where all the customers can chat in a particular room without registration.

How To Use This Chat Room

  • Type Your Name In chat Box
  • no need password if you are no register
  • password require for only register user
  • if you are new just use your nickname to enter chat room
  • no registration require at all
  • easy to use

Chat Room Rules?

  • No Abusive Language
  • No Spamming
  • If Any Query Then Contact Admins
  • Complaint to Admins or just send Snapshot To our Admins.
  • For Any Other Complaint Just Fill the Contact Us Form.

For Parents: Children’s Privacy

Our website is not directed at, or intended for use by, children under the age of 13. This website is a general audience website but we have blocked out users under 13 on the kids chat area of our site that may be misunderstood by some as being directed for users under 13. We do not knowingly allow anyone to provide any personal identifying information on our website. Everyone must take caution before sending personal information over the Internet and through chat rooms.

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Feature Of Colours!

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We think that colours are the best way to add vibrancy into the chat and this is why we are providing the colours for your nicknames, in which you can choose multiple colours and it'll show up on your text as a gradient. colours add a sense of individuality to your account.Admins can help you with this and can even set the colours for you, you can always trust our staff with information such as your password as they have a set of clear rules they have to follow.

Share Videos and images!!

Chatting can be really fun and we love to share interesting and new things that happen in our lives. Sending pictures and other media helps you drive engagement as people tend to process images faster than words. So, we have added the option through which you can send and receive images from your friends. You can also share videos with our exclusive feature of Stories, in which all users can post videos and images that interest them.

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Interactive features

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Chat4smile offers you all that you could possibly be looking for. We have added a Friends Wall feature to make this platform more interactive. Through this new feature, the users can post anything on their wall and it will only be visible to their friends and not anybody else, providing a sense of privacy to what they post. Moreover, their friends can also post on their wall and it could be anything such Quotes, a funny story, a reminder, or an important message they felt had to be shared! Other than all this posting, you have the option to react to the posts with an option to like, dislike and comment on the post.

Contact us when concerned!

Our admins and moderators are always here to help or advise you whether you're going through a few troubles in the chat room you would like to discuss, any complaints you have of fellow users, problems in logins, information about the chat rooms and how to get the most out of it. Our team is well behaved and make sure that others are too, that no user is being bullied, abused or harassed in any way. If you have a serious complaint make sure you come with solid proof and we shall provide you assistance throughout and bring you back to reassurance.

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